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Art Cardenas is a retired firefighter who worked for the City of Burlingame Fire Department for 30 years. Shortly after his retirement, Art was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. The doctors told Art that the cause of this disease was exposure to smoke, gases, and other harmful chemicals in the fires.

Art grew up in San Francisco in the Mission District. Art attended St. Charles Grammar School as a boy and then went on to Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco. From the time Art was 10 years old, he used to play ball with the firefighters at Station 7 in the Mission District. They encouraged him to become a firefighter. After graduation from Sacred Heart High School, Art continued his education at San Francisco City College and then went on to County of San Mateo college taking classes in the field of firefighting. Art continued on to become a firefighter for the City of Burlingame.

During the years as a firefighter, Art pursued his passion for photography. Art was drawn to capture candid scenes of nature, people, and structures native to Puerto Vallarta and California. After being diagnosed and living with pulmonary fibrosis, Art has decided to sell his pictures and use the proceeds from the sales to support individuals living with this debilitating disease.

Art currently resides in Sacramento California. Art spends his time working out at the gym, but due to the progression of the disease, his work out sessions have become increasingly shorter. Art has to use a portable oxygen concentrator during his work outs. He also uses a stationary oxygen concentrator in the evenings.

Collection of photographs were taken with 35 millimeter camera during the span of 1990 to 2005.